Eighties Slang

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We are Oakmen


Echoing the roar of Chicago’s Blue Line and the vivid graffiti alongside, Eighties Slang will grip you with their retro-inspired, colorful, self-effacing Post Punk Rock. With an analog wash of pulsing, arpeggiated synths and jarring guitars that revolve around a melodic, thick rhythmic foundation, Eighties Slang sounds like what outcasts in 80’s movies thought the future rock would sound like. They will leave you raw with all their emotions, delivered in clever songwriting and earnest vocals. 

Eighties Slang has played at House of Blues, Reggie's, I am Fest, What's Blooming Fest, The Burlington, and Tonic Room among other spots. The band’s recent single - "Just a Start" - was featured in the indie film When Jeff Tried to Save the World, starring Jon Heder. Two songs were included in the soundtrack for the documentary, “F*** Your Hair.”

Members: Ted Collins - Vox, Guitar, Bass; Devin Delany - Vox, Guitar, Bass, Synth; Manuel Sanchez - Lead Guitar, Synth; Steve San Pietro - Drums

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Shark Magic

by Eighties Slang

“Shark Magic” is our newest release, released on September 20, 2019. It is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Amazon, and iTunes. Also available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Eighties Slang self produced the release and the songs were recorded, mixed and mastered in Chicago, IL at NoiseFloor LTD.

We all float amongst an ethereal field that governs our interactions, enthralled and repulsed by turbulent emotions and undiscovered instincts. It is so mysterious, misunderstood and savage that it is like Shark Magic. Eighties Slang summons this vital field through five songs that map our collisions with each other and sketch the bridge between our physical and mental worlds. The darker the more beautiful.


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